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About Muscle Pack Formula!

Reason to Use Muscle Pack Formula

We understand you have a focused objective to pack on lean muscle mass quickly! So, what's the best muscle growth product for you? You've come to the right place to get an answer since 2005, we've specialized in muscle building, weight gainer, and vitamin products.

Muscle mass building supplements are very frequently confused with anabolic steroids. The reason why we are saying this is that it is a natural way of gaining lean muscle mass and is completely devoid of harsh chemicals which are usually there in several available products. More defined muscles don’t just look good, they’re essential to help your canine achieve its maximum potential performance.

Note: These products are the real deal...and while they're 100% legal, exceeding the manufacturer's recommended dosages can cause side effects - as with any supplement, read the label and follow the instructions! 

First, the dog’s diet needs to be fairly high in protein.

We recommend a diet with at least 12-16% overall protein.  Also, it is very important to exercise the dog regularly.  For the product to work effectively, you need to be stretching and working the muscle tissues whenever possible. An hour a day is usually enough work to see very good results.

Recommended: For canines 11 month and up.

How long to feed it, that will depend on the dog. 

The best results are seen when feeding for at least 4-8 weeks daily.  However, with a muscle building product like this, you may experience some “plateaus”, where muscle growth will seem to slow or stop for periods of time, and then pick back up. Our recommendation would be to feed as long as needed to achieve the results you want. 

Muscle Only Formula 

Recommend: Feed with oral syringe

Directions: Feed orally (7.5 ml) ¼ ounce per day, per 40 lbs body weight.

It can be tricky to guess at a ¼ ounce, so if we convert that into (7.5 ml), that dosage level is equal to ½ tablespoon per 40 lbs body weight. We have some customers that will feed double that amount (15 ml equal 1 tablespoons per 40 lbs), and have seen faster results, but that is up to you – it is different for every dog, so a higher dose may not result in better results.

Once you reach the muscle gain goal you are looking for, you can lower the feeding amount to a maintenance level of about (3.75 ml) equal to 1/8 ounce per 40 lbs to (7.5ml) ¼ tablespoon per 40 lbs, just to keep the muscle mass you have built up. 

Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2/Niacinamide, Calcium Pantothenate, Vitamin B6, Folic Acid, Vitamin B12, Vitamin K, Iron, Zinc , Choline, Potassium, Manganese, Copper, Cobalt, Selenium, Gamma Oryzanol, BCAA Complex (Leucine/Isoleucine/Valine), Amino Acid Complex (Arginine/Glycine/Proline) (Ancient Healing ocean vegetables rich in iron and high in protein)

Development Formula

Directions: Take 1 capsule in the morning and 1 capsule prior to exercise.

Increases energy, assists in delaying fatigue and prolongs peak performance. Speeds muscle recovery time after intense activity. Endurance, Lean Muscle mass, Muscle definition, Muscle development, Muscle energy, Muscle strength, Muscle integrity, Muscle recovery after workouts. Subsequent athletic performance. Development Formula offers an alternative mechanism for reaching the Muscle cell and helping to boost ATP production allowing for greater gains in strength and size. Ancient Healing ocean vegetables rich in iron and high in protein, kre-alkalyn.

Enhancer Formula

Suggested Use: Take 1 tablespoons per 50 pounds of body weight.

Directions: Give the night before competition provides maximum performance.

Helps to build stamina, energy and endurance in racing animals. Promotes tissue and Muscle development. Given the night before work out or competition provides maximum performance. This is ideal for any canine involved in activities where extra stamina and energy is needed.

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