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Testimonials 1

From:  David Riddle (dj_kennel@yahoo.com) 

Sent: Sun 1/18/09 11:06 PM

To:  Frank Sands (greenrhinopower@live.com)

We have had our girl Dakota on Green Rhino Power for 10 days now & its amazing!! We didn't need 30 days to do a testimonial this stuff works!! We noticed a big difference in only 3 days & that's on half a table spoon daily.  Dakota is now 7 weeks pregnant. She is already 17lbs heavier.  We have used Nu-vet for 4 years & in 10 days GRP shows better and faster results!!  We will be sending some more photos of Dakota & her puppies as well in 20 days. Don't hesitate to try it buy a gallon you won’t be disappointed.. 






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