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Testimonials 1

From:  jasonortego@yahoo.com

Sent: Thu 1/15/09 3:12 PM

To:  greenrhinopower@live.com

Here are a few pictures of One Big Kennel Blue Tri Puppy before Green Rhino Power. These Pictures were taking on 1-13-2009 in the late afternoon on this day. Green Rhino Power Works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Before: Day1


After: 3 Days

Blue Tri Puppy After On Green Rhino Power For Three Days On 1-15-2009‏

Hey Frank this is One Big Kennel Blue Tri Puppy On Green Rhino Power after 3 days. I took these pictures on 1-15-2009 in the afternoon about 4:00pm today. Green Rhino Power Works & he is happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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