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Testimonials 1


From:  victor lopez (i.k.s.death@hotmail.com) 

Sent: Fri 4/03/09 3:38 PM

To:  pitbull (greenrhinopower@live.com)

Before anything I would like to thank rhino labs for this amazing product. I know there is no green rhino power for people if there was I would of bought it, there is nothing out there like grp. In 5 days you will see a big change in your dog, not just body size but in health to. Buy this product it work's and it work's fast.  No doubt look at my dog before and after pics you be the judge. Once again thanks GRP for this product. Now go get yourself a bottle & make sure you join the message board. My dog put on 35lb of muscle!  

Before: 1st Day 65 lb


After: 30 Days 95 lb


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